About Us

Jungle Control. Made For Cultivation Domination

Jungle Control™ is a new company with advanced technology for the Agriculture Industry. Our chemistry is the future of plant cultivation optimization because our premium line of products are highly effective and non-toxic. We have partnered with crazy cool chemists, who have achieved amazing results, and developed products that are changing the way plants are cultivated.

Plants have the power to heal people, the power to help make lives better for people, and the power to bring people together for the common good. It is our mission to provide growers with the best chemistry possible, so they can be safe during cultivation, sustainable in their practices, and responsible by providing premium products to people around the world.

A percentage of all sales will go to a charity of our choosing, and we are currently in the process of finding a charity that fits our vision of creating a better world for everyone. We'll have more information on this soon!