The Science

What is the science behind Ferocious? Read our Technical Whitepaper.

Our proprietary formulation contains a rare natural substance with a molecular structure similar to water. We have partnered with cutting-edge chemists who have been able to create an environment to extract this substance in greater volume than ever before.

Ferocious delivers additional hydrogen and oxygen complexes to cannabis plants through its root system. The formulation is composed of stable, concentrated complexes of hydronium (H3O) and OHs. During ATP hydrolysis, the first step in the plant’s energy creating process, the mitochondria in the plant’s cells donate one proton from a water molecule (H2O) to another water molecule, creating hydronium (H3O) and OH. Those molecules then become fuel for another reaction in the ATP process and create energy for the plant.

Our scientists believe that Ferocious delivers more hydronium and OHs, which create more energy for the plant to create bigger, stronger plants, that produce more flower.


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